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We turn our minds to recreate the classics and revitalize the core values.
Create an exclusive service experience history to be eternal, starting with the idea.

Product diversity

Gather high-professional R&D teams to enhance product performance and enhance product characteristics

Optimal solution

Master the ever-changing market torrent, activate the possibilities of the industry, and provide the most suitable solution

Precision service

Accurately lock products and solutions, high efficiency and low deviation service, close to your needs

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    More than 16 years experience

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    5 branches have strength throu

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    Supply of more than 30 product

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    More than 20 independent paten

Qian Feng Special Adhesive Products: Breaking through the Competitive Pattern an

High-tech enterprises

We are committed to research and development and innovation of materials, and have obtained patents at home and abroad. Now our efforts to obtain national recognition, get the national promulgation of high-tech enterprise qualifications!

Dongguan Polytechnic Teaching Cooperation

At present, we cooperate with Dongguan Polytechnic to become an internship base. Under the framework of the scheme cooperation, we not only provide students with internship opportunities. Rich teaching resources also create excellent research and developm

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